Congratulations for finding this information!  Thank you for visiting. We truly enjoy serving you.  This website and products are completely supported by Lighthouse Wellness Center, Dr. Shane Harada (hCG Expert, Wellness Coach, and Doctor of Chiropractic).  Our quest as a professional office began in Hurricane, Utah just shortly after Dr. Shane graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in 2003.  From there, in late 2005, we re-located to Central Idaho and opened up an office in Kooskia at the beginning of 2006.  In 2016 Dr. Shane opened a clinic in Orem, UT. called True Living Chiropractic.  This is where he and his family reside.
As a holistic health care office, it is truly a marvelous experience to assist people in finding wellness and improving health.  Dr. Shane's focus has always been in healing and restoring proper balance to the body.  Of course, with this focus the questions regarding obesity and many other health challenges have been discussed.  HCG and the nutritional program it is partnered with have answered each of the questions that never seemed to be answered with any "diet program".  This IS NOT a diet program!  This doesn't play by the rules of diet programs.  If this program was a "diet" it wouldn't be part of our office.  What you are learning about here is a total nutritional program with the focus being to restore balance to the metabolism and to burn the excess fat deposits.

The HCG answer came to our attention in the latter part of 2007.  It wasn't until Dr. Shane's wife, Marlene, had marvelous success with this program that it became part of our focus.  She found herself rid of more than 55 pounds in less than 4 months.  At that time Dr. Shane set to the course of finding out what this is all about.  That research and study brought even more passion and understanding of how and why this program is so successful.  Since that time, we are so glad to have helped over 500 individuals within the very small communities we serve directly, which include Kooskia (population 675) and Kamiah (population 1093).  Through the Health Food Stores and retail outlets that offer our products, we have been blessed to help over 20,000 individuals just like yourself.

It is such a pleasure and brings such great satisfaction to know this and to continue this marvelous work.  Thank you so very much for your time and interest.  We truly look forward to serving you and helping you in any way we can in health.  While this endeavor continues to grow and grow, we are absolutely amazed and filled with humility and gratitude.  Our success is merely the extension of your success.

Please read the FAQs page.  This answers many of the basic questions that we receive commonly.  If you have further questions, please never hesitate to call or e-mail for more information.  (801) 691-1310 or [email protected] .