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Michelle F.

"I am 29 years old and am a stay at home mom to 4 boys. I had my “Aha” moment when I was looking at pictures that we took at Christmas. I never knew that I was that overweight. I had talked to Dr. Shane about the hCG diet in the past, but never had the time to actually do it. I had also seen results from various people in my local community that had done the diet. I admit that I was skeptical at first, another fad diet, and waited to see if people would gain the weight back.

My new year’s resolution was to lose weight, so what a better time to start than January 1st. I took my weight and was shocked to see that I was almost 200lbs. The first day was fun, eating all you wanted, the second day not so much. I hated even looking at food, but continued eating. I was amazed that I gained about 5lbs the first 2 days. I did the hCG for the 21 day program and the weight literally melted off! I went from a size 14-16 to a 7-8. I also went from 198lbs to 140/145. I have kept the weight off for 9 months now. This diet has changed my eating habits, and while I am eating what I want in moderation, it has given me a whole new look on things. I have a lot more energy, I feel better about myself, therefore my family is much happier, and I want to continue losing weight and eating healthier. This program really does work!!!"

Rev. Kenneth C.

"I went on the diet February 18th at 240 lbs. and 46 in. waist at 5' 9" height. I followed directions exactly. Seven months later I weighed 168 lbs. and 34 in. waist. I leveled at 170 lbs. I knew enough about nutrition to know you had to follow expert advice to make it work. I found in Dr. Harada a most capable advisor and counselor. An expert in nutrition, he helped me over the "humps". I'm 72 years old and have suffered from arthritis for 25 years. I now have no pain and about 90 percent of my joint movement back-although I took a good joint supplement, the crowning move was to lose the 72 lbs. It has given me my life back. I love to work and can now do the remodeling jobs on our home. I spent the last month painting a neighbor's mobile and adding an addition to my storage shed. I was up and down my step ladder many times even to roofing the new addition with no negative results."

Marlene H.

"After 7 C-sections and many diet plans, I didn’t ever think I would be thin again.Before hCG I hated going out.I was so embarrassed to be seen.People were always thinking I was pregnant and asking me when I was due.I had tried so many plans and failed.

I was so nervous starting this plan.What if it didn’t work?What if I fail again?Is it really that easy?I gave it a chance and after 3 weeks I was having a hard time keeping my pants up.I had to ask my daughter for a belt.I did a 3 week round and got rid of 25 pounds and 19 inches, took my break and then I did a 6 week round and got rid of 33 pounds and 15 inches

We went to Sea World and I walked around all day without getting tired.I had friends and family asking me what I did and I was able to tell them and help them get started on this life changing plan.The results start showing up within 2 weeks and you will have people asking you what you are doing.I had so much fun shopping for new clothes when I was done.I felt good, had lots on energy and wanted to go out in public again.

You had better plan on buying new clothes because you will need them!You can take those pants out of the closet that you have had stored there for years.This plan works so fast!"

Al and Kathy C. shared this:

Written by Al C.

In the far dark corner of the closet hung a favorite reminder of my youth. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think my 53 year old motorcycle jacket would ever fit again. Not only could I not get it on, it wouldn’t even zip up. My dad bought it for me when I was 17 years old. I'm now 70 years old and over the past 18 weeks I've lost 45 lb, 12" around the waist and have found that I can once again work all day without a nap!

I've tried dieting numerous times and exercise is just not in my vocabulary. This was a very easy diet to stay on and actually we were sorry when we had to go back onto the Atkins diet at the 6 week mark. We wanted to just keep on going. We've finally learned that when we gain a couple pounds to just go back on the support drops for a couple of days to maintain. It's like having a whole new wardrobe. Every fat man has a closet full of various sizes as we fluctuate. I've finally started getting rid of all the 1X and XXL and it feels wonderful to see myself again. I used to avoid mirrors and now I'm no long afraid to look.

I have recommended this diet to many friends and they seem to be having the same success that my wife and I are having . It is very exciting to see all of us regaining the energy of our youth since we are no longer packing the weight of our age.

Written by Kathy C.

My husband and I dated over 40 years ago and then lost track of each other. We were reunited in 2007 and visited over the Internet and on the telephone for 3 months without seeing each other. Once we both confessed we were fat we decided to meet. Back in our youth we were both thin and relatively good looking and it scared both of us to see each other live. Three months later we were married; fat and happy but heading for very poor health. Finding an old photo of ours in my mother’s album, jogged our memory on how good we used to look.Seeing Al's brother's success with the hCG diet gave us the decision to change our life and start getting healthy, while staying happy! It was really a hard decision to stay on a 500 calorie diet. After the first week we got into the swing of things we began to develop a routine that was very, very easy to stay on.

Yes, we've cheated a little bit, but all in all Al has lost 45 lb. and I've lost 28. (Women tend to lose at about half the speed as men.) We both have more energy and are looking forward to the next 6 week round.

We have finally learned that when we gain a pound or two, go back on the Slim Support drops for a couple of days. The reward of losing that pound in the morning is so much more fulfilling than that piece of cake that's just a memory. If you must indulge, you will find that while taking the Slim Support drops, just a bite or two satisfies, so you can literally have your cake and eat it too.

Ladies, if your husband used to get upset with your shopping, this gives you a free license to get a new wardrobe. Step out of basic black and the shadows and into the limelight. You will see that you sparkle in his eyes once again. AND… he will look forward to seeing you in those new clothes. It's like a gift to him too.